Apa: Comparison Between the Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies

Topics: Starvation, Famine, Malnutrition Pages: 5 (1570 words) Published: May 16, 2012
Comparing and contrasting the similarities and difference of group and individual survival between the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collin, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, and the 1990 film of Lord of the Flies directed by Harry Hook. BY: Becky Coutlee

April, 23, 2012

Comparing and contrasting the similarities and difference of group and individual survival between the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collin, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, and the 1990 film of Lord of the Flies directed by Harry Hook. “And while the law of 'competition' may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it ensures the survival of the fittest in every department” (Andrew Carnegie). Although competition is difficult it is necessary for society to function properly. This is clearly illustrated in Lord of the Flies by William Golding and Hungers Games by Suzanne Collins as well as Lord of the Flies directed by Harry Hook. In group and individual survival, food, water and weapons play a crucial role throughout both novels and the movie. In both the novel Lord of the Flies and the 1990 film version of Lord of the Flies, tension between Ralph and Jack had arisen to critical levels. Jack’s bloodlust, rather than to have a concern about the well-being of the entire group, conflicted with Ralph’s concerns towards the well-being of the entire group. When Ralph confronted Jack about his bloodlust ways after their first chance to be rescued is denied because of Jack, this angers Jack and he began a group of his own (Hook). Ralph said, “Great killed a pig. Face it Jack you fucked you. We could have been rescued” (Hook). Ralph understood the need for the pig, but realized that it is something more than just food to feed everyone for Jack. This left those who believed in the group were more important than individuals and wanted to be rescued with Ralph. Those who wanted to give into their impulses to kill and give into savagery went with Jack. To keep his friends focused Ralph said, “I was talking about smoke! Don’t you want to be rescued? All you talk about is pig, pig, pig” (Golding 55). Simon died from Jack’s group because of their savagery impulses (Golding 169). Piggy also died at the hand of a member of Jack’s group due to savagery (Golding 200). In the novel Hunger Games, food and water creates conflicts of individual and partnership survival. In district 12, Gale and Katniss risk their lives on a daily basis so they may hunt in the woods, in order to keep their families dying from starvation as it is common in their district to die from. Since starvation is so common in for the characters, Katniss said “Anyways, Gale and I agree that if we have to choose between dying of hunger and a bullet to the head, the bullet would be much quicker” (Collins 16). Early on in the games, Katniss battled starvation and dehydration, while she tried to not get killed off by any of the other tributes. In that situation, Katniss’s own self-motivation helped her find water and catch food. Many tributes created alliances, but later on broke down as more and more tributes began to die off. Katniss experienced two alliances with Rue and Peeta. Katniss’s alliance with Rue resulted with the Career Tributes food supply being blown up. Katniss and Rue’s alliance worked out greatly, until the district one tribute killed Rue. This led to Katniss’s first real kill in the entire games. Katniss’s alliance with Peeta was significant because she was in love with Peeta and that the gamemakers announced that two tributes from the same district may become victors. The hardship of this alliance was that Peeta was badly injured because of the hand of Cato. Katniss had to keep Peeta alive, so they could both go home back to their families. As the games neared the end, the gamemakers dried up the water sources everywhere except for the lake in the cornucopia. That is how the gamemakers forced the final three together. Individual and group...

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