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AP World: Christianity and its histroy

By kneely487 Apr 26, 2015 650 Words

Kourtnei Neely
Mr. Beattie
AP World
1 Dec. 2014
A Brief History of Christianity
Christianity began with the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God, altering the time from B.C. to A.D.. It was originally small, like most new religions, but it grew and eventually spread throughout the Roman Empire. It became the main religion of the Roman Empire around 270 A.D., and continues to be a major religion in the world today.

As aforementioned, Christianity began with the birth of Jesus. It developed through His ministry and strengthened with his death on the cross, resurrection, and ascension into heaven. While Christianity began with the actual birth of Jesus, the idea of Christianity had been formed in the Old Testament years of the Bible. Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire and eventually became the major religion of the empire. Unfortunately, the church could not settle some major differences, resulting in Roman Catholicism and the other denominations.

While Jesus was the founder of Christianity, he also doubled as the leader until his death and ascension. His disciples then took over as the leaders of the church. When they died, it was up to the fellow believes to run the church that Jesus had started. Some of the most iconic leaders of Christianity that have not faded into the past are: George Whitefield, the “spark” of America’s first Great Awakening, Dwight L. Moody, founder of the Moody Bible Institute, Billy Graham, famous televised pastor that led thousands to Christ, and Martin Luther King Jr., a pastor that fought for civil rights and was assassinated in 1968.

Christianity began in the Middle East, near present day Israel. Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem, a few miles from the city of Jerusalem. His public ministry began in the small town of Nazareth, migrating to Jerusalem as he got older.

Most wars are fought for territory, money, or political and religious freedom and, as a result, many wars involve Christianity and religion as a whole. Christianity has made many enemies, specifically in Jesus’s time. The religious and political leaders despised him, believing him to be a threat to their authority. More common to this time era, there is a conflict between the major world religions, and in many cases, Christians are being prosecuted.

Christianity had a major impact on History, literally altering its course. When Christ was born, the year designations changed. The world was no longer B.C., but A.D., the Year of Our Lord. It had been used in the arguments for human rights and equality, and as a main topic of discussions. It has changed the way leaders think and act, in addition to giving foundations a legitimate ground to form on.

I picked this religion because it is the religion I am most familiar with. I grew up in a Christian home to a Christian Family. I also picked this religion because today, it is a religion that so many people doubt. Christianity confuses many, because unlike the other religions, many find it difficult to find a historical base for it besides the Bible.

In personal opinion, the religion speaks truth, but it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they want to believe it. Christianity is a single religion, but from it branch many denominations. These separate denominations are where we put differences on one religion. It seems as if we all have different ways of worshipping one God, and if I could change anything about Christianity, that would be it. I wouldn’t change much else, considering most changes I would make would probably be considered selfish.

In conclusion, Christianity has billions of followers, and is one of the world’s major religions. It, like everything in this world, has a beginning and an end, which those who believe are still waiting on. It is confusing, yet comforting, almost everywhere and in the hearts of many.

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