AP history Yanamamo tribe

Topics: Ya̧nomamö, Shabono, Indigenous peoples of South America Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: September 15, 2014
The Yanomamo
The Yanomamo tribe is one of the few tribes that are living virtually undisturbed. They inhabit 30,000 square miles, along the borders of Venezuela and Brazil in the remote forest of the Orinoco River basin (The Yanomamo’s live in small villages that usually consist of their extended family, which can range from 50 to 400 people. They all live under the same roof, called a Shabono. A Shabono is a circular communal house that is made of natural materials gathered in the rainforest. They are rebuilt every four to six years. The Yanomami’s diet consists of meat, fish, bananas, and fruits that are gathered. Each family is given a plot of land to garden. Bananas, plantains, sugarcane, mangoes, sweet potatoes, papayas, manioc, and corn are just some of the crops that are grown. The Yanomami’s are one of the last groups of people to practice Polygamy, or when a marriage consists of more than two people. In the Yanomamo culture, a woman is in charge of all the domestic duties, chores, and taking care of the children. Basket weaving is a skill that the women of the tribe have perfected. These baskets are used for carrying and storing food. Yanomamo children are to help their mothers with the day to day activities. At the age of eight, young boys begin to watch over the male members and learn the duties of a man in the Yanomamo community. The language that is spoken is comprised of four main languages, Yanam, Sanumá, Yanomámi and Yanomamö. The Yanomami culture is described as being filled with violence. The Yanomami people have a history of acting violently towards other tribes, and each other. They are known to raid nearby villages, and kidnap women and children. Violence is one of the leading causes of Yanomami death. Most of Yanomamo males die violent deaths in constant conflict between neighboring tribes (Unknown, “Yanomami Indians of Brazil”). In the past, the Yanomamo have generally attacked Europeans settlers that are invading their land. This...
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