Annotated Bibliography. Tourism Research – Wine Tourism in Champagne

Topics: Marketing, Tourism, Hospitality Pages: 2 (1413 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Annotated Bibliography

Article 1: Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research – Wine Tourism in Champagne.

Charters, S & Menival, D 2011, ‘Wine Tourism in Champagne’, Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research, vol. 35, no. 1, pp. 102-118, viewed, 6th May 2013, <>. The author of this article’s goal is to emphasis the understanding about wine and tourism in Champagne. Both of the authors chose to concentrate this study mainly in the European region and collected the data by qualitative method and quantitative method. The qualitative method is to identify the problem of marketing and management in the European wine region while the quantitative method is to identify the perspective of wine tourism towards the region. The author mainly focuses on the perspective tourists concerning the provision of wine tourism in Champagne. However, there are a few limitation regards on the process of collecting the data, the author’s uses questionnaire for collecting the data. Since the article was made in a small scale, focusing the consumers and tourist in the Champagne. The authors used questionnaire to collect the information and data, but this process could not give the actual precise answer towards the goal of the article itself. In the end, this article provides a good basis of wine tourism of the Champagne Region. Article 2: The Fragmentation of Markets, Neo-Tribes, Nostalgia, and the Culture of Celebrity: The Rise of Themed Cruises. Weaver, A 2011, ‘The Fragmentation of Markets, Neo-Tribes, Nostalgia, and the Culture of Celebrity: The Rise of Themed Cruises.’, Journal Of Hospitality & Tourism Management [serial online], vol. 18, pp. 54-60 viewed, 7th May 2013, < a770f9d0e134%40sessionmgr112&vid=1&hid=108&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=hjh&AN=66144050 In this...
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