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Topics: Discrimination, Asian American, United States Pages: 3 (748 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Gloria Semenitari
Excerpts from this chapter “East is East, East Is West: Asians as Americans” from Yellow by Frank Wu. Copyright © 2001 by Frank Wu. Reprinted by permission of Basic Books, a member of Perseus Books, LLC. This article highlights the life of the average Asian American, their struggles, their beliefs and the discrimination they face that is constantly subdued. The author examines affirmative action, discrimination and other controversial issues through the eyes of the Asian American. Utilizing personal anecdotes, news reports and experiences of others, Wu confronts and highlights the existence of Asian-American stereotypes, how they are the forgotten minority group but yet are still unwelcomed in ‘white America’ leaving them tethering in the balance. In general this article is a unique piece that re-invites Asian Americans into the discussion of race and discrimination one which they have been omitted from for a long time

The Invention of Heterosexuality
From Socialist Review, 20 (January-March 1990): 7-34. Copyright © 1990. Reprinted by permission of the author In this article, the author challenges the popular belief that the difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality has always been viewed so far apart.  Using the history of medical terminology, he reveals that in 1923, the term “heterosexuality” referred to a "morbid sexual passion," not morbid sexual passion between men and women just morbid sexual passion. However currently it is used to legitimate men and women having sex for pleasure, thus refining the term by adding individuals to it, thereby separating homosexuals and heterosexuals. Exemplifying the works of great people such as Sigmund Freud, James Baldwin, and Michel Foucault, The Invention of Heterosexuality highlights and explains the recent effects of heterosexuality on our society and how it became so.

Civilize Them with a Stick
Mary Crow Dog, “Civilize Them with a Stick” from Lakota Woman,...
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