Annona Squamosa (atis) leaves as molluscicide for Golden apple snail

Topics: Fruit, Snail / Pages: 11 (2524 words) / Published: Feb 18th, 2014

A Research Proposal submitted to the
Faculty of Science and Mathematics Department
Of Naga City Science High School
In partial fulfilments of the
Requirements in Research II

Patungan, Nicole M.
Sarol, Ruth D.

March 2013
Chapter I
Farmers, even before has so many issues in their farm and the most common problems of farmers in their farm lots are kuhols, specifically the Golden Apple Snail, which pests their plants. Golden apple snail The Golden Apple Snail is amphibious. While there is a sufficient level of dissolved oxygen in the water, they will hardly leave the water and will breathe by their gills. If the level of dissolved oxygen gets to low, the snails will go up to the surface and breathe with their lung (mostly by using its siphon, a tube that it extracts to the water surface). While filling their lung with air, the snails extract and contract their body, so that the pressure differences cause their lung to deplete and refill. These snails have the ability to cruse away from the aquarium, so a cover glass is a necessity, as they won't survive longer than a couple of days in dry conditions. These snails have a tendency to float around the water surface, "playing dead"- but actually, they are not. The best way to tell these snails are dead is if it doesn't contract when you touch it or if the operculum (shell cover) is missing (mostly at that time, the shell will also be empty). Due to their liking of plant matter as food, most people recommend not to keep them implanted on aquariums. Farmers of crops like “palay” who suffer from the activities of these Golden apple Snails are very unfortunate for having these pests in their farm because it was the perfect pest which can eventually damage your plant in a short period of time. Farmers’ goals when treating this problem about golden apple snail is controlling the mortality rate of the said snails not through

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