Anne Frank

Topics: Anne Frank, Otto Frank, Miep Gies Pages: 4 (517 words) Published: April 3, 2014

Question 1.1. What is Anne's overwhelming mood during the second half of 1943? (Points : 2) cheerful

Question 2.2. Anne describes the annex as a 'little piece of blue heaven' surrounded by what? (Points : 2) heavy rain clouds
the canal
a vacuum

Question 3.3. Anne has upsetting dreams and visions of a school friend. Which one? (Points : 2) Jopie de Waal
Miep de Jong
Lies Goosen

Question 4.4. What do the dreams and visions remind Anne? (Points : 2) She is very lucky to be safe as many are not.
She forgot something at her friend's house.
She is not able to go to school anymore.

Question 5.5. What quality does Anne wish her mother possessed? (Points : 2) kindness
the ability to be "motherly"

Question 6.6. When Anne begins to think about a boy friend, someone in turn drives her to think about Peter van Daan. Who? (Points : 2) Peter Wessel
Miep de Jong
Harry Goldberg

Question 7.7. What does Anne want to be when she grows up? (Points : 2) a doctor
a lawyer
a writer

Question 8.8. After the war, Anne wants to publish a book called (Points : 2) The Secret Annex.
The Life of a Young Girl.
A Dream about War.

Question 9.9. Peter talks to Anne about the male sex organs. How? (Points : 2) drawing diagrams
using a book
using the cat

Question 10.10. What war event is everyone in the annex eagerly waiting for? (Points : 2) the Dutch surrender
the invasion
the German bombing

Question 11.11. How does Peter feel about being Jewish? (Points : 2) He would rather not be Jewish.
He is proud to be Jewish.
He likes being Jewish but also likes Christmas.

Question 12.12. What trait does Anne think Peter is lacking? (Points : 2) virtue
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