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1. On the 21st of October 1995, Anna Wood took an ecstasy tablet at a dance party and died three days later. At such a young and thriving age, Anna Wood was just 15 years old with a loving family, many friends and a new job. On the night of the event that had taken place a series of risk behaviours were undertaken. Firstly by wanting to take an ecstasy tablet to get high as well as not having any knowledge on the actual drug. By having a broader knowledge on the drug she may have been still alive as she would’ve only had taken half due to knowing a whole tablet would be too much.

Another risk behaviour, was going around the corner to take the “E” and being too egger to take the pill. If she had waited for her friend George, who had further experience, as he quoted “I have taken ecstasy about fifteen times” she as well would’ve been alive. First signs of her being ill and still staying at the club at early hours of the morning would definitely be major risk behaviour. As the night progressed her condition was worsening and she collapsed after vomiting which is yet risk behaviour.

Anna’s friends taking Anna to her friend’s house was the wrong thing to do, as she should have been taken to her house where her parents could see her condition and may have used protective measures straight away like phoning an ambulance. Or even straight to the hospital if it was closer than a forty minute drive to Belrose. Anna’s friends making up a story to their parent’s that Anna’s drink was spiked, when it wasn’t and possibly using it to tell Anna’s parents. Lastly, her condition becoming out of control was too another risk behaviour.

Protective behaviours are behaviours that are likely to enhance good health. Example of these are drug and alcohol campaigns, protecting and raising awareness of the short and long term risk of endangering ones health status. Possibly resulting in serious danger or death by the consumption of drug and alcohol use. Protective behaviour includes Chloe asking how Anna was and how she was feeling as well as checking up on her from time to time. Drinking water whilst consuming the drug as it is important to keep the body well hydrated. Calling an ambulance as well as even though the outcome was a negative impact on the Wood family, turning it into a positive outcome. The Wood parents established the Anna Wood drug and alcohol campaign that aims to empower young people and their and their parents to tackle drug and alcohol abuse. Some protective behaviour’s that should have been taken into consideration, before the tragic outcome which resulted in Anna Woods’s death are: Anna and Alexia weren’t meant to take the ecstasy tablet with their friend George. George had more knowledge and experience when it comes to the drug, as he has taken ecstasy 15 times previously, and was going to assist the girls taking it for the first time, but only half of the ecstasy tablet. Anna and her friends had been dancing and drinking water for several hours, when the first sign of problems arose, by Anna drinking water this is a protective behaviour. Considering she had taken a full “E” and needed fluid intake such as water to keep her well hydrated. As known risks when taking ecstasy are over eating and dehydration, a stimulant which can keep young people dancing for hours and drug agencies advise users to drink plenty of water. Although water intoxication can occur when a person drinks too much water and blood can become diluted. Water however, is not an antidote to Ecstasy; it is an antidote to dancing. Advice from drug agencies to young people to drink plain water could have fatal consequences. They should drink water or soft drinks with salt added at the rate of two teaspoons per litre or isotonic sport drinks. If taken in excessive amounts these could lead to swelling in the body’s tissues but would not cause swelling of the brain because it would maintain plasma sodium levels. Anna’s...
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