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Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Latin America Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Allison Dreggors, pd.5, 9/25/14
Essay In Anna Quindlen's essay " A Quilt of a Country " she writes about how a country with so many people of different cultures, ethnicities ,religions, skin colors and sexual preferences can unite as one after a devastating event such as 9/11. The United States of America is a very assorted country with many different ethnicities that don't usually get along. In her essay she gives us examples of how the people of America are combined despite their differences by telling us how Arab cab drivers will chauffeur Jewish passengers and yet speak in theory of hatred for one another. Other places in the world like Europe use countries to separate ethnicities, but the United States of America put all ethnicities into one country to unite as one. In the essay she also says how the Mexican immigrants of today are not very different from the Italian and Irish immigrants from back then.This is a powerful essay because it shows us that the immigrants who become citizens of the United States have worked hard to be here. Most of the immigrants start out in small jobs like Ma and Pa stores. I like how Leonel Castillo points out that the Ma and Pa stores that were once owned by Italian, Jewish and Eastern European immigrants are now owned by the Korean, Vietnamese, Iraqi, Jordanian, and Latin American immigrants of today. This statement shows that the immigrants entering the United States today very different from the first immigrants. The United States is also very excepting of all sexual preferences and homosexuality is becoming nationally accepted.

Reflection Allison Dreggors pd.5 9/25/14
In this essay there is a well-deserved 5 and maybe a 6. I think I deserve this because it is a well-developed and organized essay. As well as a well-articulated critique of the argument and demonstrates most of the elements of effective writing. My essay clearly states important features of the argument. It is also developed clearly, organizes ideas...
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