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Spoiler Warning This SS takes place after the conclusion of the Alicization arc, which will not be completed until around volume 15.

There is but one ultimate way
Sword Art Online: Gaiden X2 May 2010


This short story edition contains a lot of information that has not yet been published in Dengeki Bunko [Sword Art Online]. Be careful of spoilers. This day's event was completed in the predawn between 2 and 5 a.m (laughs). The contents always, Kirito-shi and as always, Asuna-san and as always, Lyfa-san and as always Lizbeth-san and as always Scilica-san and as always Sinon-san and as always Yui-san and as always Alice-san. Well, Alice is not always...... In this SAO work, the heroines kept increasing as the story progressed, but the structure of the story didn't let protagonist Kirito-shi to come up with a clear answer, if I tried to find a conclusion to the situation, it'd only be in this form. Was what I thought as I wrote this short story. This time too, as I re-read the script...... I felt it was terrible in various ways. But, well, I can't stop thinking that it was, in a sense, the meaning of the SAO series (laugh). The Web version 『Alicization Arc』 introduced «Subjective time acceleration», and that idea was later used in the 『Accelerated World』 series. The protagonist Haruyuki-kun is also surrounded by an increasing number of girls, but Kirito-shi has a different personality, in different situations and draws different conclusions. I look forward to continuing this series in the future.

ソードアート・オンライン – Sword Art Online 外伝 Gaiden X2: たったひとつの究極的なやりたか– There is but one Ultimate Way

As I woke up from the bed, the gentle sun shone in through the white lace curtains at the window. This itself is a very ordinary scene without any problems or drastic changes. Just as I was ready to continue my deep sleep, my eyes that were about to be closed suddenly opened like a boom. ―――― Hold on ... Hold on a minute! This... this... this is too weird. First of all, this bed is unusually large and soft. I ―― Kirigaya Kazuto should only be using a foam filled single bed in my bedroom. But now, my back felt like it was coated by the highest grade of soft feathers. Even as I moved my left hand, It did not touch the wall that should exist. What covered me was not my ordinary fluffy blanket, but a smooth and soft silk one. Also, the ceiling was inexplicably high, and I had no idea if the decorations were of the western style or Japanese style. In addition to that, a beautiful classical chandelier hung there in place of LED lights. Finally, coming in from the gaps of the window covered by heavy curtains at the other side of the room ―― It was so large, maybe it was a twin window ―― was the light of the winter sun at a low angle. Isn't this the middle of summer? At the end of August, the summer vacations will just end in a few days, so I was filled with anxiety and despair, giving up, when I faced the facts: just yesterday morning, I had to withstand being scorched by the violent sun, I recalled forcing myself to climb out of bed in that condition. However, at this moment, I was in this unfamiliar luxurious room, and it was incredibly cold, such that if I was not well covered by the blanket, I probably wouldn't stand the cold. No matter how I looked at it, this is winter, a winter morning... what on earth is this... At this time, I finally remembered. Yesterday morning, I woke up in the middle of the heat, drowsily brushed my teeth and changed my clothes. While considering doing my summer homework, and reluctantly walking to the table, I received a phone call from the person who was the one responsible for the RATH development department ―― Higa, and the content was an official statement. The blockade in UW had some problems, and he wanted me to help solve the problem. Thus, on that ridiculously hot day, complaints came out of my mouth. However my heart was lively enough, as I took my bike straight to RATH's branch...

References: 1. ↑ Kataomoi means unrequited love.
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