Animal behavior

Topics: Ethology, Psychology, Instinct Pages: 2 (303 words) Published: November 26, 2013
An animals behavior is its response to external and internal stimuli

Ethology is the scientific study of animal behaviour, particularly in natural environments.

Behavioral ecology is the study of the ecological and evolutionary basis for animal behavior

A fixed action pattern is a sequence of unlearned, innate behaviors that is unchangeable - red stickle back fish

Oriented movement- environmental cues can trigger movement in a particular direction

Kinesis- simple change in activity in response to a stimulus Taxis - automatic, oriented movement toward or away from a stimulus Migration - regular long distance change in location. Orientation base on position of the sun, internal 24 hour clock, position of the North Star or earths magnetic field.

Animal signals and communication
Signal- a behavior that causes a change in another animals behavior Communication- the transmission and reception of signals Animals is visual, chemical, tactile and auditory signals.
Many animals that communicate through odors emit chemical substances called pheromones

Innate behavior is developmentally fixed and under strong genetic influence Learning is the modification of behavior based on specific experiences

Imprinting is a behavior that includes learning and innate components and is generally irreversible

Spatial learning is a more complex modification of behavior based on experience with the spatial structure of the environment

Associative learning, animals associate one feature of their environment with another

Classical conditioning is a type of associative learning in which an arbitrary stimulus is associated with a reward or punishment

Operant conditioning- like trial and error learning

Cognition is a process of knowing that may include awareness, reasoning, recollection and judgement.

Problem solving is the process of devising a strategy to overcome and obstacle

Some animals learn to solve problems by...
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