Anecdotal Reports in the Classroom

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Anecdotal Reports

Anecdotal reports provide as complete a description as possible of a student’s behavior in a particular setting or during an instructional period. They are useful for analysis rather than evaluation when a target behavior has not yet been identified. When the reason for a lack of academic progress or the cause of some general disturbance has not been identified, anecdotal reports help zero in on and identify a target behavior to work on. The observer produces a written description of nearly everything that occurred in a specific time period or setting. The use of anecdotal records is not always practical for general education teachers because of the time and focus it requires. Special Education teachers or consultant are called upon to assist in determining what factors are occasioning or maintaining appropriate or inappropriate behaviors. The information helps in making decisions and determining first steps in dealing with behaviors.

Permanent Product Recording

Permanent products are tangible items or environmental effects that result from a behavior. A statement of the desired behavior is written in the behavioral objective and what constitutes an acceptable outcome is defined. If the behavior is academic, conditions are defined (i.e. number of spelling errors permitted); if vocational, quality may be specified as well as number. The teacher evaluates final product and thus does not have to observe the student engaged in the behavior. This convenience is indicative of why this system is a mainstay for classroom teachers. Another advantage is the durability of the sample of behavior obtained. Permanent product recording may include the use of audiotapes, videotape, and digital recording systems. Samples of behavior can be recorded and analyzed later. Samples of student performance can be videoed to allow collaboration among interdisciplinary team members to determine educational goals and intervention...
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