Andrew Jackson: the 7th President of the United States of America

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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, 1767, was the seventh President of the United States. Born in Tennessee, Andrew Jackson was a politician and general who beat the British at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815, and the Indians at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. His enthusiastic followers created the more up-to-date Democratic Party, and the 1830-1850 periods later became known as the era of Jackson a democracy. During the American Revolutionary War, Jackson was teenager when he joined a local militia. His oldest brother, Hugh, died from heat exhaustion during the Battle of Stono Ferry. Jackson and Robert (his brother) were captured by the British and held as prisoners; they almost died in captivity. When Jackson refused to clean the boots of a British soldier, the soldier slashed at Andrew with a sword, leaving him with scars on his left hand and head, in a result to that he had an intense hatred for the British. While in prison, the brothers had got smallpox. Robert died a couple days after their mother allowed them to leave. After his mother was assured Andrew would recover, she volunteered to nurse POW (prisoners of war) on board two ships in Charleston, where there had been an outbreak of cholera. She died from the disease on November 1781, and was buried in an unmarked grave, leaving Jackson an orphan at the age of fourteen. Jackson's entire immediate family–aside from his father, who had died earlier–died from hardships during the war, Jackson blamed the British. Jackson was nicknamed "Old Hickory" because of his toughness and aggressiveness that produced many of duels. He was a wealthy slave owner who appealed to the masses of Americans and fought against what he denounced as a closed undemocratic. He expanded the spoils system during his presidency to strengthen his political base, regardless of the cost of inefficiency. As president, he supported a small and limited federal government but strengthened the power of the presidency. He...
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