Ancient Egyptian Genius

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Egypt, Religion Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: February 16, 2012
Born in Ankhtowe, Egypt 3000 B.C. an ancient Egyptian genius. Inventor of the pyramid, author of ancient wisdom, architect, high priest, physician, and writer. Imhotep's many talents and knowledge had such an effect on the Egyptian people that he became one of only a handful of individuals of non-royal birth to be deified to the status of a god. Imhotep, or "he who cometh in peace" constructed the first pyramid in Sakkara and can still be seen today. This pyramid was the first structure ever built of cut stone, and is by far the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the World. Imhotep comes from a long line of architects his father, Kanofer, was a celebrated architect,that was later known to be the first of a long line of master builders who contributed to Egyptian works through the reign of King Darius the First. Imhotep held the position of the vizier under King Zoser. In politics the vizier was literally described as "supervisor of everything in this entire land." Only the highest educated citizen could handle the range of duties that worked closely with the Pharaoh of Egypt. Imhotep was chief advisor to Zoser in both religious and practical matters, and he controlled the departments of the court system, Treasury, War, Agriculture, and the General Executive. Although there are no historical records of Imhotep's acts as a political figure, his wisdom as a religious advisor was widely recognized after he ended a terrible famine (a severe shortage of food) that dominated Egypt during seven years of Zoser's reign. Also known as a magical physician or god of medicine, beloved as a curer of everyday problems who could "provide remedies for all diseases," and a giver of sons to the childless. Imhotep's name was often grouped with such powerful deities as Thoth the God of Wisdom, Isis the wonder-worker, and a healer known as Ptah, and the ancient God of Memphis. It is a matter of debate today how much of Imhotep's reputation as a curer of disease stems from...
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