Anatomy and Physiology of Love

Topics: Marriage, Anatomy, Biology Pages: 3 (515 words) Published: July 13, 2013
My Anatomy and Physiology of Love

I am on a deep REM sleep
And I dreamt of you my precious that I keep
I was in the lab and I am dissecting something
What?! Me myself? It’s me I’m killing??!

No, my dear it isn’t I am just diagnosing myself
About my feelings for my conscious health
This heart of mine beating lub dub for you
Hoping you’ll hear it by your auditory nerves too.

When I first saw you my optic nerves were cursed
By your.. orbicularis oculi and oris
With your personality you are superior
With your charms I am inferior.

Your beauty is like an acid that is melting me
And so I’ve decided to neutralize it baby
My charms of basic strong alkalinity
To reach the pH of our compatibility.

My adrenal glands pumps and rushes pushing me through
To say orally my feelings for you
But my thalamus keeps me undecided
Pleasant or unpleasant what this feeling could get.

After memorizing my words to speak
I came to you in integument so neat
My hair strands were polished and my nails were newly cut
Perfume in the air diffusing so fast.

I have three red roses for your olfactory responses
Delicious chocolates for your gustatory buds to taste
I’ve checked my BP and I am not that nervous
Patiently waiting here I am so gentle and courteous.

But then all my plans were messed with atrophy
When you were there standing anterior to me
I want to go back and run away posterior from you
But my patella is shaking and my other skeletons too.

My lungs were busy and my blood circulates rapidly
My muscles didnt move a little and hardens steadily
I want my lacrimal glands to function in my shame for you
But none single tear fell and I felt blue.

You gave me stimuli and I react attentively
My reflexes guided me and helped me
My lymphatic system leads me to immunity 
Against my shameful behavior and personality.

Like a DNA of genes, I transcript and translate
Every tissue of epithelia,muscle,nervous and connective
I perspire a lot...
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