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Category: Table Views and Table Filters
You can use the Pivot table view to:
ADisplay a secondary dimension horizontally.
CDefine a third dimension when a secondary dimension is already defined.

A Flash object can be coded to generate both virtual pageviews and events in Google Analytics. True
Which of the following data is accessible in the internal Site Search reports? Aall the search terms entered on a specific page
Ball the pages where a specific search term was entered
Call the search terms that drove traffic to a specific page
Dall of the pages to which a specific search term drove traffic By default, custom advanced segments are:
D not shared among users or profiles
Which of the following statements about URL parameters are correct? A If the parameters do not indicate different page content, you should enter them into your profile’s Exclude URL Query Parameters field to clarify your reports. B If the parameters do not indicate different page content and are not human-readable, you should consider applying a filter to rewrite the URLs in your profile to clarify your reports. C If the parameters indicate different page content but are not human-readable, you should consider applying a filter to rewrite the URLs in your profile to clarify your reports.

Where can you view goal completion rates for traffic referred by specific pages on other websites? AReferral Traffic report
Your website contains multiple files named default.cfm within different directories. Which regular expression should you enter as an advanced table filter in the Pages report to display the default.cfm pages that are NOT on the root of the website? .+/default.cfm

Which Google Analytics reports can you chart by hour of day?. AVisits
CBounce Rate
DConversion Rate
You can use the Map Overlay report to display pageviews of specific pages by country. False (visits only not pageviews)
You have admin access to a Google Analytics account. Which of the following conditions must be met for you to provide one of your business partners with read-only access to the account? Your business partner must have a Google account.

DYou must select individual profiles within your Google Analytics account to allow read-only access. The asynchronous version of the Google Analytics tracking code is designed to: Bmake pages render faster in the browser

If you have configured cross-domain tracking for two websites, a single goal funnel can include pageviews from the two different sites. True
Which of the following appear as dimensions in Google Analytics reports? ACount of Visits
BDays Since Last Visit

A visitor has visited your website two times: once on November 19, and once on December 8. 

When you view the New vs. Returning report only for the month of December, the total visits for New Visitor includes the December 8 visit. False (nto specific to time framce, as longs as utma cookie not deleted and browser not changed) A page on your website contains some specialized CSS styling that displays differently in different browsers. How will you be able to track the number of pageviews that the page receives by browser type (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)? BTop Content report

Cprofile filter
Dadvanced segment
E-commerce tracking code must not be placed before _trackPageview in the Google Analytics tracking code. True or flase depends of the code
The E-commerce functions _addTrans, _addItem, and _trackTrans must appear below trackPageview(). This applies whether you're using the old Google Analytics tracking code, which is normally placed before the close </body> tag of your HTML, or the new (asynchronous) Google Analytics tracking code, which is normally placed before the close </head> tag. You can create custom alerts that apply to:

A multiple profiles
B all traffic within a single profile
C custom segments
D specific traffic sources
A website session cookie lasts for as long as the web browser is open. False
For a...
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