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THE CHRYSANTHEMUMS by John Steinbeck is narrated in a very removed way which almost makes the story diffcult to interpret. The art of comprehension not only lies in mind of the reader but also in the way the story is formed. The Chrysanthemums for example is a story based on the understanding that in this society there's no place for intelligent women. However when you first come across that narration itself you it is quite hard to determine whether that is actually the theme or not. Where as like "Hills like White Elephants" by Ernest Hemingway, though may lack details like the Chrysanthemums nevertheless consist of enough conversation to make a very clear implication of the theme. However the more critical concept here is that I as reader should be able to understand the importance in a good read and not confuse it with a hard read.

One of the first reading for english 1012 was the "Horse Dealer's Daughter" by DH Lawrence. This short story not only consisted of clarity but was a very easy/good read. From understanding the financial or economical problem of the family to the brothers facial and personal description to the last melodramatic ending to the serious story; the entire plot consisted of step-by-step detail understanding. From clear to moderate in week two we were introduced to the story "Hills like White elephants" by Hemmingway. This short story lacked details nevertheless it consisted of enough conversations between the two characters to show us that the theme consisted of difference between talking versus communication. In this story it is quite clear the American and his girlfriends are talkers, but it's crucial to understand that they're not listeners. The fact is this profound story shows that the American will say anything to his girlfriend to have her to have the operation and the girlfriend unable to be independent will do anything to please him. Even though she may feel the total opposite.

Into the third week of our reading the...
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