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Analysis of “the Lottery”

By spril26 Jul 08, 2013 502 Words
The Lottery is a film based on the short story of the same name by Shirley Jackson. The story takes place in a small village, where the people held an anniversary activity of lottery. One person in the town is randomly chosen, and the person who got the lottery would be hit to death by stones for the sake of harvest of the following year. In my opinion, “The Lottery” is a surprise and horror story.

The film begins under a friendly atmosphere. The people in the village are close and familiar with each other. Before the lottery, everyone seems in a peace mind and friendly to each other. For instance, Mrs. Hutchinson arrives late, just with an excuse of “forgetting what day it was”. They talk to each other as usual give me a false impression that the lottery is an event similar as the square dance that is welcomed and festive. I expect that the winner of the lottery will receive a prize, money or something. Mr. Warner who was the eldest person in the town says with pride, “Seventy-seventh year I have been in the Lottery.” I always think the lottery is a pleasant event until the very moment Tessie screams when she sees her husband pick the black dot. The conclusion surprises me that the winner’s fate is death by friends and family.

With this conclusion, the film becomes a horror story. The film centers on the actions of each town people from an objective perspective to reflect the blind obedience, less of rationality and cruel coldness of human nature of the whole town people. In this mundane town, everyone knows each other. However, when Tessie receives the black spot, Mrs. Delacroix tells her, “Be a good sport Tessie.” People’s reflection to the cruel thing is quite cold-blooded. This film presents a weakness in human individuals. Lottery as such a terrible activity for so many years, with no objections or questions asked. Even someone doubts the lottery has been answered with “There has always been a lottery.” Even people may not be entirely comfortable with the event, but everyone still goes along with it. No one openly expresses fear or disgust toward the lottery. Even Tessie is friendly and pretending to be pleased to be present before she receives the black spot. I think if Tessie is not the target, she will also throw the stones to the winner. The film shows hypocrisy and human weakness in the small town. It is horrible when people always relying on the traditions, especially some brutal sacrificial ceremonies like the lottery.

The holiday atmosphere and surprised conclusion of the lottery intensify the horror of the story. The horror of the lottery is not only the cruel behavior of the people, but also unconcerned reflection to the victim. They feel not guilt to the victim, and even excited when they throw the stones. The lurking evil of human kind is the most horror thing that reflected by the film.

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