Analysis of the Character of Winston in 1984.

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1984 Essay

Written by the author George Orwell, 1984 gives a terrifying outlook of society. George Orwell presents a world in which society, controlled by the State, is indoctrinated in propaganda and illusion. The main character is different from the rest of the people since he decides to defy the society he lives in. From the first chapters, the author creates the image of an unsatisfied man with the people surrounding him. The character of Winston, however, seems a bit of a paradox since, whilst he tries to rebel against his society, he irrevocably loves his job.

From the beginning of the book, Winston disobeys the Party’s orders (by writing a diary), showing his disapproval of the way society is. Furthermore, the fact that Winston keeps a journal, conscious of the danger he risks, is evidence that he hates his society. As the reader advances in the first chapter, he can witness Winston’s attitude towards the Party’s values and the society. His attitude seems to always differ from the other employees. Indeed during the “Two Minutes Hate” whilst everyone seems to loathe Goldstein, Winston is only faking his hate. This shows his refusal into following the Party’s rules. Moreover “Winston’s hatred was not turned against Goldstein but, on the contrary, against Big Brother, the Party and the Thought Police”. Winston has a very critical approach to the Party’s policies.
Winston’s uneasiness towards the telescreen is further proof on how he feels about society. Indeed, the telescreen represents another controlling aspect of the society. Winston despises the controlling aspect of his society since the telescreen has “pushed” him into becoming paranoid. Winston’s attitude towards the telescreen shows us he hates his society for watching him all the time.
Winston also hates women, a specific part of society. They represent absolute obedience and depersonalization which he completely disapproves of. Yet, his feelings towards them are presented as complex

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