Analysis Of Recipe For Murder

Topics: Black-and-white films, Murder, Woman Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Recipe for murder by C. P. Donnel

The title “Recipe for murder” gives much food for our thought and fancy, appeals to our imagination and emotions. It excites our interest and makes us think about what a recipe is? Generally recipe is a set of instructions you follow to cook something. It tells you your ingredients and the steps you have to follow to make something. When you read the title, you might think you will read a story that will detail the steps it takes the murder someone. So, the title says that the story may be connected with murder of someone step by step. The text presents a blend of detective story with elements of a story of characters. The text embraces two themes: 1) investigation of murder; 2) relationship between men and women. The text touches upon eternal concepts of collisions between characters, men-women relations. Compositionally the text falls into three logical parts.

The scene is laid in the middle of the 20th century (“deceased January 1939” and “ deceased May 1946”). The writer sets the action in France, because: 1) name of the characters ( Madame Chalon, Luchaire and so on); 2) name of the dishes (French cuisine);

3) the name of the town ( Villefranche);
4) the phrase of main character: “Murderess I may be, Inspector, but also a French woman”; “As I said I am from Paris”. The general atmosphere is breathtaking. After a chain of actions everything clarifies and the general atmosphere changes to promising and gripping. There are two main characters: Inspector Miron and Madam Chalon And two main characters: husbands of Madam Chalon M. Wesser and M.Chalon. Inspector Miron pays a visit to Madame Chalon, a beautiful and alluring forty-year-old woman, who is suspected of murdering her two husbands. The inspector interviews Madame Chalon in the hopes of understanding how a woman who does not seem like a murderess could have killed her husbands without leaving a trace on their bodies. The climax lies in the silence between main...
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