Analysis of Media Reports: Effects of Witnessing and Experiencing Violence Increase Children Aggressive Behavior

Topics: Aggression, Violence, Relational aggression Pages: 5 (1962 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Media operates as a communication platform for transmitting information to desire audience. The information published should gather interests from the readers and own the certain degree of influences. The release of latest news no matter is local or global in research is first received by the public through the media. Generally most of the population only update themselves through media and not further investigate on the research. Hence, media holds powerful influencing factors to the public by representing as the first source of information disseminator. The capabilities of the media should not be undermined for its impact on the social reality. In this research essay, the objective is to address the concerns on whether the research article was falsely reported or misinterpreted in media reports. A research article on human development was abstracted from Science Daily (Appendix A)-a news website- discussing about the influences of violence on children. The study has been conducted by Orue, Bushman, Calvete, Thomaes, Castro and Hutterman(2011) about the effects of exposure to violence on children’s aggressive behaviour also been published at the science website to interest audience. Orue et al. (2011) indicated that children who are exposed to violence no matter are victimization in media, in school, in neighbourhood and at home or experienced violence themselves will influence their perspective on violence. In this study, Orue et al.(2011) tested the hypothesis that experiencing violence as a victim (eg.“ how often has somebody hit you at home?”) and children who were witnessing violence (eg. “ how often have you seen somebody hitting another person at school?”) will increase the aggressive behaviour of children. The question will be assessed by using 21-item Exposure to Violence Scale. Researches also test the normative aggression beliefs of children by asking some kind of question (eg. “sometimes you have to hit others because they deserve it”) whether the children’s belief influence their aggressive behaviour in future. This normative beliefs will be assessed by using Justification of Violence subscale of the Irrational Beliefs Scale for Adolescents. Another measurement is based on children own self report and their peer reports. Self report was assessed by using 23-item Reactive Proactive Aggression Questionaire. In this 23-item, 11 item measure reactive aggression and 12 item measure proactive aggression. Peer report was assessed by using eight items, four for physical aggression and four for relational aggression. These hypotheses were tested in six month. Researches wanted to investigate the aggressive level of children after six months with the baseline. Participants who came from seven different schools in Bizkaia were between 8 and 12 years old. Initial concern on this media report is the title. The title on media report “ seeing and experiencing violence makes aggression ‘normal’ for children” is directional topic for audience, it would be more attractive, easier for audience, however, the original source’s title “monkey see, monkey do, monkey hurt: longitudinal effects of exposure to violence on children’s aggressive behaviour” is more clearly and precisely to state out the main point of the study, it clearly showed that the research was under process for a long period, media report has failed to write a precise topic. Author of media report wrote easier title to attract audience because audience will not interest in reading a long title, however, this kind of title did not show out the main purpose of the research will misunderstand audience. The introduction of original source explained a lot of description about violence as well as the study overview also wrote out the hypothesis very clear but media report never clearly state out. One statement was wrote in study overview “ individuals exposed to a heavy diet of violence come to believe that aggression is a normal way to solve conflict and get what...
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