Analysis of International Hrm in Coca-Cola Company

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Human resources management is widely apply in any organization and corporation recently. What is Human resources management (HRM) or what so importance of it? According to Wall and Rees (2004, p.276-277), cited by Poole (1990) people are greatest asset for an organization, consequently; poor human relationship will create conflict and lead to poor performance toward the company.

Noe, Holienbeck, Gerhart, and Wrigt (2006, p.5) said that HRM is a strategic, policies or practices to influence the people in an organization toward their company mission and vision. Thus, HRM is responsible for HR planning, recruiting, selection, training and development, compensation, employees relation, safety and healthy, and performance management.

Therefore, the purpose of this report is to find out the difference between the international HRM (IHRM) and domestic HRM (DHRM) in Coca-Cola Company. Beside that, the report also indicate the role of IHRM in globalization business such as China and their impact in term on culture difference, stand living, political issues and economic performance in the countries toward the Coca-Cola.



The Coca-Cola Company (CCC) has been established in internationally for more than 120 years history. From an internet sources found that coca was invented by Doctor John Pemberton a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia, on 8th May 1886. Today Coca-Cola is consumed at the rate of more than one billion drinks per day in over 200 countries and employed over 71,000 people in world wide business.

On the other hand, coca-cola has set up the mission and vision to achieve their goals by including the people resources which provides them a best working environment and encourage them to give their talents, ability toward the company . This research have indirectly prove that human resources management (HRM) playing an importance role in the organization.

The CCC has created workplace rights policy and human rights policy to protect their workers in the organization by creating value for the employee and built up their trust and effort toward the company. Thus, there are few principles of the policy such as freedom of association, forced labor, child labor, discrimination, work hours and wages, safe and healthy workplaces, workplace security and community and stakeholder engagement.. 2.1(a) SAFETY AND HEALTH POLICY

The Coca-Cola Company has ensured the long term success in their workers safety and healthy condition. Therefore, company has their own Safety Management System Standards which is called “"The Coca-Cola Safety Management System" (TCCSMS). This system is to guide the employees to achieve the safe work environment for the organization by indicating the risk of the operation and the way to control it

The CCC has pay their employees competitively relative to the industry and local labor market with the full applicable in term the wage, working hours and benefit laws. . Moreover, the companies are offering the employees to develop their skills and capabilities toward their jobs.

The employees of CCC are freedom to join any union or association. This is legally in the company and the employees freely to choose their representative < (27/12/07)>. The sources also indicate the company is committed to bargaining in good faith with such representatives and respect...

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