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Analysis of about a boy – Nick Hornby
Title: about a boy
Author: Nick Hornby
Nick Horny was born non April 17, 1957 in England. He is an English author staying in Highbury, Islington in London. At an early age he became a dedicated reader, and red all from comic books to prose. In 1998, Horny finished his first novel, which was about a boy. One of the many books he has written, about a boy, helped him to achieve the E.M Forster Award from American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1999. Since he had such a good relationship with London in England, he uses this city knowingly in this book. (Susanne, Novel report “about a boy”) (Nick Hornby) Plot summary:

About a boy is about Marcus, the twelve-years old boy, and a 36-year old boy called will. Marcus had recently moved from Cambridge to London with his mom, Fiona. Both Marcus and his mother, Fiona are watching the same TV-series, same music and also wear weird clothes. Marcus is getting bullied at his new school because he is different from all other pupils around. And maybe one of the worst actions he does in the book is that he starts, without warning, singing a song loud in the classroom. Actually, Marcus was not appropriate for school. However, this turns out. The time Will pretended to have a two year old boy of his own, he joined SPAT (Single Parents Alone Together). And he did this for a reason; he wanted to date single mothers. This was going great for Will and met a single mother, named Suzie. At a picnic in a park, Will met Marcus for the first time. Will was there to date Suzie, and Marcus was there to give his mother, Fiona some time alone. This ended with that Will took Marcus home to his mother, Fiona. When they arrived at his home, they found Fiona trying to take a suicide, but did not work. At this time, the relationship between Marcus and Fiona is not good yet. So far was both of them uninterested to have contact to each other. The good connection of Marcus and Will starts when Marcus begins...

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