Analysis of ABC Murders

Topics: Agatha Christie, Murder, Hercule Poirot Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: February 14, 2014
Imagine attempting to expose a highly cautious serial killer who could be anyone living anywhere in the country. In Agatha Christie’s ABC Murders, Hercule Poirot has this exact task placed upon him. A murderer, who only kills in alphabetical order, is on the loose, and Poirot, along with his partner and the police squad, is charged with the case. After a few consecutive murders, clues began to be found as to who “ABC” actually is. A surprising plot twist occurs at the end which has the reader questioning how Monsieur Poirot eventually discovered this careful killer. According to Stanford’s Suggested Reading List, this book is considered a “must read.” Although the novel has its high and low aspects, the plot, setting, characters, conflict, and theme deem this book worthy of Stanford’s highly esteemed list. The plot is entertaining and suspenseful which allows it to hold up to the standards of the list. Foreshadowing maintains interest, and is a prominent part of the suspenseful nature of the plot. After the first murder of Mrs. Ascher, Hastings believed that the crime is a singular event, but Poirot stated, “This is only the beginning” (Christie 22). The author uses a delightful example of foreshadowing to hint to the later murders. This keeps the plot suspenseful which makes one want to continue reading. After discussing possible coincidences on the day of the murder with the victims’ friends and families, Poirot realized, “I tell you my friends, it cannot be a coincidence. Three crimes---and every time a man selling stockings and spying out the land” (Christie 211). The finding of clues allows the plot to continue, thus maintaining the reader’s interest and preventing the story from becoming too tedious to enjoy. While Monsieur Poirot finished pronouncing the name of the murderer, the narration stated, “Two detectives from Scotland Yard emerged from the next room” (Christie 333). The ends are finally tied up when Franklin Clarke, the serial killer, was dragged...
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