Analisis of the Poem Dreamers

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Dreamers is a WWI poem that is about the soldiers rather than the war itself, the message of the poem is that soldiers although viewed as hated killers that kill innocent victims the poem expresses the fact that the soldiers are just like the "normal" person, the poem also consists of many thoughts and doesn't single out one side or another this shows that is was probably written by a observer of the war or someone that was directly involved in the war itself.

The first two lines of the poem sign is a great display of what people make soldiers out the be and what a normal citizen pictures them as "Citizens of Deaths gray land" a typical view of a solider that is fighting in a war is a bringer of death and some one who does not think twice about killing someone, but it is quickly countered buy telling the reader that although they are deaths soldiers they are not free from deaths fatal grasp them selves and gain nothing from the fighting.

The second two lines are a dramatic turn stating that as soldiers the stand starring destiny in the face to face, but is again turned as the thought of the solider is that he isn't think ing about death but is thinking about feuds, jealousies ,and sorrows, not exactly like a normal person but shows that they are like "normal" people in the sense that they care about what they have done.

The Third two lines are like the first talking about what a soldiers is supposed to do followed but a dramatic line that shows that they as people are not invisible, the first line states the soldiers are supposed to win giving them a heavy burden that rest dead on there shoulders, but is yet again turned around by the fact the writer lets us know that some come out in body bags and some come out with the "fatal climax" which is that they have to go fight a war that they don't wish to be a part of.

The fourth two lines are the second most powerful in the poem, it shows that the soldiers who are fighting are dreamers...
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