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Information System for Dissemination of Ready to Adopt Agricultural Technologies ABSTRACT
Information System for Dissemination of Ready to Adopt Agricultural Technologies (ISDAT) is a web based user-friendly, information system for ready to adopt agricultural technologies of ICAR. It is developed as comprehensive information system for ready to adopt agricultural technologies. The information, which is available in the form of books, journals, popular magazines, etc., is beyond the reach of their actual users can be easily accessible through internet. In the present world of information technologies where every other service is available over internet the same channel could be very much effective for the dissemination of such technology. Therefore in this electronic era the ISDAT may help progressive farmers, industrialists, researchers, students and extension workers for rapid dissemination of knowledge and benefit humankind. ISDAT is a web application developed using Java technology stack. Three-layered architecture of this system comprises Client Side Interface Layer implemented in HTML and JavaScript, Server Side Application Layer implemented in Java Server Pages and the third layer is database layer implemented in Microsoft SQL Server 2000. ISDAT can be easily configured as a network-based system with a web server at IASRI so that information remains available on-line. This information system can be browse through internet without any login credentials while to for any data related changes user have to login into the system. Keywords: Information System, ICAR Technologies, Extension, Java, SQL Server, Web-Server, Internet.

1. INTRODUCTION The information needs of agricultural research data are growing day-by-day and there is need to develop information systems for expanding the knowledge base, and preserving it for meeting the research demands in agricultural science. Agricultural research in India is undertaken at various agricultural research institutes of ICAR, state agriculture universities and other agricultural institutes. Large numbers of agricultural field experiments are conducted in the country for development of newer agro-technologies. The results of the experiments are of immense practical value and play a crucial role in increasing productivity of various crops. The information on technologies is available in bits and pieces here and there in different printed forms i.e. books, magazines and journals etc. Going through all these books and magazines to collect information is not an easy task and at the same time it is very time taking and cumbersome. Hence, considering all these aspect there is an urgent need to convert all associated information on Ready to Adopt Technologies into one electronic database. A Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) is proposed to be developed to store all the available information into an electronic database that will facilitate selective

retrieval from this computerized database. The users of this software are expected to be primarily research workers, students, policy makers, farmers, traders, economists, extension workers etc. One of the major benefits of Computer Science has been the evolution of computer based information system. Development of a web-based information system for Ready to Adopt Technologies will help the farmers and extension personnel in getting information about recommended new evolved technologies and other information within very short duration and that too at one place only. Policy makers can plan efficiently and researchers can enhance their research activity using this software. Students can also extract desired information to support their learning process.


ISDAT is implemented as a layered structure with each layer corresponding to a different functionality. The design of ISDAT as given in Figure 1 is having following three layers.    User Interface Layer (UIL) Application Layer (APL) Database Layer...

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