An Essay on Glorification of Childhood in Immortality Ode

Topics: Childhood, Ode: Intimations of Immortality, Poetry Pages: 4 (1206 words) Published: November 17, 2008
An Essay on Glorification of Childhood in Immortality Ode:

‘Immortality Ode’ by William Wordsworth deals with the immortal memoirs of childhood. The gentle melancholy on the past days leaves a pleasing pain of nostalgia in our heart. On running after the lines, we reach somewhere in past; holding the hands of memories, we go back to the innocence and each mind would say ‘we had a nice time’

In this poem, there was a time in speaker’s child hood when to him every ordinary object of nature appeared clad in heavenly luxe. In the period of childhood the feeling of spirituality and divinity is pretty high. As man grows in years in feelings of spirituality disappears gradually and man is lost in materialism.

“As length the man perceives a dies away
And fade into the light of the common day”

The poet regrets that those glorious imprints are not so fresh and same existing beauty in the object of Nature. During his childhood all the beauties of the nature the meadow, the woods, the streams, thrilled him with joy and they all seemed to be enveloped in ethereal beauty. But now at his advanced age he misses it. All the things are same and as beautiful as ever but the charm has lost to the poet. Though he hears the voice of nature which invites him to join the feast, the over ruling sadness through which he sees that the particular tree and the field are now like the seasons have all gone, presents him with a sense of lost.

“I hear, I hear, with joy I hear…
…speak of something that is gone”

There is a certain abruptness in the opening of the stanza. Here the poet abruptly turns into the philosophy of reminiscence. This abruption is because of the four years of interval he had taken to come back to this poem. He says the child has a more exalted vision than man. The baby brings with a heavenly glory that would totally fade away for the time being. In childhood we are nearest to the heaven and in manhood farthest away. Even the earth herself does her best...
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