An Argument: Do Vampires Exist?

Topics: Vampire, Dracula, Bram Stoker Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Do Vampires Exist: Or Bite Me!
Since the beginning or recorded history, there have been stories told about vampires. Bram Stoker’s renowned novel Dracula was published in 1897, and since then the myth about vampires has evolved and changed. We now have Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga and HBO’s True Blood examining whether vampires exist in the known world. Whatever you think, you should be aware that vampires are creations of fiction writers based on old folk tales. On the other hand there are those who believe in Vampires. According to Vampire expert Ian Holt,

“Vampires have existed throughout antiquity in every culture. I have met them. They have a culture and religion and they do drink blood. It’s given to them by willing donors. They retain the choice of doing good or doing evil. They have the ability to love and fall in love. They can be magnanimous and forgive trespassers against them or be petty and seek revenge. They all seem to be good dressers, so they maintain pride and vanity. They can be shallow or deep. Vampires are really just “us” magnified. Since bullets pass right through vampires and with the strength of twenty men they can bend the bars of any prison, vampires don’t have to worry about the police or the rule of law. They’re already outsiders, trying to hide who they really are from society, so vampires don’t have to worry about being PC or polite or manors or even morality. In other words, vampires retain all human factors, except a fear of death, aging or being ostracized for bad behavior. They are just “us” unbound. I've always had a fascination with vampires. It's not that I'm exactly fascinated with the dark side. It's the human struggle with it. How we deal with those two aspects of who we are. We all have those elements.” Vampires… do not exist, plain and simple. The mythological vampire cannot exist without violating many obvious natural laws. The supposed vampires--those who claim they have an energy deficiency and therefore...

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