An Analysis on the Effects Between Standard of Living and Selected Social Issues in the Philippines

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This chapter of the study introduces the research problem. It also discusses the significance of the study as well as its scope and limitations.
The standard of living is a measure of the material welfare of the inhabitants of a country. The baseline measure of the standard of living is real national output per head of population or real GDP per capita. A sustained increase in real GDP increases a nation’s standard of living providing that output rises faster than the total population. (Geoff Riley, Eton College, September 2006).
The Philippines, being a developing country, is not exempted from occurrences of crimes. Newspapers and television news updates are loaded with all sorts of “misbehavior”: murder, rape, theft, robbery and others. People who commit crimes come from different backgrounds, lifestyle and social status. Criminality nationwide increased by 63 % in 2009 compared to the previous year, the Philippine National Police (PNP) reported. (Cecille Suerte Felipe, 2010)
The Department of Health (DOH) reported 204 new cases of HIV/AIDS in the country. In its Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry, the DOH said the new cases were registered in July, bringing to 1,220 the total number of HIV cases this year of 2011. (Sheila Crisostomo, The Philippine Star, 2011)
The number of drug users in the country dropped by at least 70 percent compared to the figure taken last 2004, according to the records of the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB). The Philippines ranked No. 1 in Southeast Asia as the country with the most number of drug users based on the 2008 World Drug report released by the United Nations Office on drugs and crimes. (Philippines Today, 2011)
As such, the researchers used Gross Domestic Product per capita as the measure for the standard of living, since if offers a global perspective on the question of how well people are living. Three indicators were used; AIDS epidemic, crimes and drug users, to determine how these

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