American Family

Topics: Marriage, Family, Same-sex marriage Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: December 8, 2012

In many recent years, the decline of marriages has been a trend in today’s society. Due to this activity, it has affected many aspects of the economy and the traditional American society. The increase has shown greatly in single parenthood, children poverty, high rate of divorce, cohabitation, and etc. Marriage is trouble in the United States and this was brought about after the 21st century.

The Definition of the American Family

Many have felt the idea of marriage was something that the government could control. In some cases the government felt that they did not have a way of controlling who could marry whom. For an example, Mya and Mei Bech had a hard time experiencing their marriage at the beginning. They were not considered a typical American family, as others would say. The way the term, “family” was perceived 20 years ago is completely different from today’s perseverance.

The definition of family is becoming increasingly difficult to nail down. Also, the idea of a typical American family today is probably a little more fictional than it was years ago. In Mya and Mei-Bech’s situation can be considered a typical American family. They are committed in a long-term relationship, own property, have careers, and raising a child. The only fact that raises an eyebrow to some people in this society is that they are lesbians. They feel that some might disqualify them and their daughter for being considered a real family. Our Family Coalition is an organization that provides education as well as social networking opportunities to more than 600 families with gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and trans gender in San Francisco. Government or anybody in higher institutions may feel that the concept of gay marriage is going to threaten straight marriages. Civil unions do not provide the same level of protection and the same number of legal rights...
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