American Agriculture - 1

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Joseph Park

American Agriculture
Agriculture is a large part of the American economy and plays a major role in domestic affairs, even though there are foreign implications, such as aid to other poor, foreign countries in the form of food. Because agriculture is vital to keeping the domestic economy stable, the federal government has and had passed farm bills that give governmental subsidies to farmers, allowing them to “artificially inflate prices” of farm products. Another component of the agricultural issue is the issue of immigration. A large portion of Hispanic immigrants work in the agricultural industry and they produce about 20% of the total agricultural production. Republicans want to get rid of those illegal immigrants who work in the agricultural industry because that is their stance on immigration specifically. Democrats want to keep illegal immigrants because they produce a large portion of agricultural products, and because it is their stance on immigration. Ever since the beginning of the United States, wheat has been the principal cereal crop; billions upon billions of bushels of all variety of wheat have and are exported to many countries. On the whole aspect of agriculture, the United States is fourth largest nation producing food in general. Foreign competition such as China, Europe, and India fiercely compete throughout the globe and in the international market of food products. Current policies regarding agriculture consists of mostly farm bills that are directed towards assisting the farmer in economical ways such as subsidies, price support, and many other ways. One of the most recent farm bill enacted by Congress was under the presidency of George W. Bush, and it sends approximately $300 billion to farmers. In addition, a recent trend of renewing old farm bills, or creating whole new bills, has begun, and current of last year, the farm bill that was enacted was an extension of an old farm bill that isn’t as stable as farmers would have liked. In all, agriculture is a large intuition that plays a large role in the American economy, and the larger worldwide economy.

Recent agricultural policies have been established during World War I, and many of those policies are still in existence today. Reaching as far back as the 1920s, at the end of World War I, the beginning of assistance to farmers begun because of the devastating effects that the war had caused to both Europe and other countries involved. As the only country that had not such a harsh blow to their land and economy, the United States became the unofficial leader of agricultural production, and also due to the primary fact that Europe was devastated and bankrupted. Entire countries cut off exports from other countries, especially the United States, and they entered a time of recovery. Due to this retreat, prices of crops inflated, and thus, the government intervened and lent its aid to farmers. This is the basic policies that have been instilled by the American government for a very long time; their main goal is to assist farmers, usually economically, because of the large stake that agriculture has not only in the domestic economy, but also the international economy. Currently, much of the old policies have begun to flake off due to many changes in technology and other aspects of agriculture, but more importantly, the federal government began to implement policies that are directed to assist third-world countries that have a scarcity in the supply of crops and foods. Another aspect of agriculture that has sprung up in recent years is the topic of conservation. Many of the mentioned farm bills are also directed towards the conservation of resources, and to encourage a more conservative outlook on the expenditure of resources during the production phase. There are a variety of programs that are aimed at conserving many, different things such as water, quality of air, and soil. In addition, thanks to the aid of technology, all of such...
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