America the Beautiful

Topics: Coca-Cola, Soft drink, United States Pages: 3 (686 words) Published: May 24, 2014
America the Beautiful

Coca Cola's appearance in the 2014 Super Bowl commercial was a one minute ad that featured a multilingual interpretation of the song, " America the Beautiful." Coke has been portrayed as something so simple that has an amazing way of bringing people together. It's advertisement has been ideal to show the world and all across the nation that America is united in every aspect possible, from a simple smile of happiness to various fun filled activities that one can do and share together. Coke has been successful in providing fundamental elements as to why one should drink coke. It's sugary substance not only is liked by many all over the world but its proven by this commercial that Americans enjoy its refreshing taste. The Coca-Cola commercial celebrates America as a diverse country and a country that is united as one not because its citizens are "American," but because they drink coke.

Diversity plays a main role in the commercial. It appeals to a broad audience who all seem to enjoy the taste of coke. The variety of faces shown in all shapes and sizes, depicts that America is a nation of one. No matter what the difference in age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or what type of skin color one has Coke shows a form of unity all over the United States. The diversity in cultures help build America and is the main element in making a great nation. Coke recognizes the beauty of diversity through traditions and customs. Each culture contributes it's own distinct flavors, making America a unique place to reside. Diversity goes beyond a black and white picture, it shows true color in every shape, form, or size, and paints a picture of how Americans come together as one and make the...
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