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Several amendments have been added to the constitution . These amendments changed our government and our society. Amendments like the 19th amendment that was place for the women suffrage and the 18th amendment that allowed alcohol to be sold and drank all were placed for a reason. All the amendments including the two stated have a historical circumstance that led to the adoption of these amendments. Along with that these amendments changes society and te government and so many ways that allows us to live the lifestyle we live today.

Around the late 1840's females had enough with the lack of power that was given to them since they were born. Many females around this time played housewife and took care of the children and the husband needs. Most if not all were unable to go to school and were left with a limited amount of jobs. Because there were no laws to give or protect the unalienable rights their females should have been born with it left them to completely depend on their men. It was no one way out of this dependent lifestyle. If she did get a job her wages were taken from her along with any land she inherited. Finally in case of separation the children was sent with their father ; evidently because they were his dependent to.

Women retaliated in many ways to get their point across which is one reason why the 19th amendment happened. One example are the women movements ,specifically the Seneca Fall Convention where Elizabeth Cady Staton read her speech. These women protested that all men and women had natural rights and are created equal. Around this time most politicians opposed of women suffrage however places like Wyoming , Utah and Colordo gave the women the right to vote in the 1800's. Women kept stating their proposition and finally in 1920 women won the right to vote with the 19th amendment which states “ The right of citizens of the United States...
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