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Many of us are familiar with the online site People all over have made multiple orders through to get certain types of goods that they want. is the world’s largest retailer online. sell so many different products that you can imagine. started as an online bookstore, than soon after became very diversified selling DVD’s, CD’s, Toys, jewelry, electronics, food and so on. has also produce the kindle e-book reader and the kindle fire tablet computer. Founder Jeff Bezos started Amazon in 1994 which became a multi-billion dollar company. Jeff wanted to provide service to people all over the world with books, but end up meeting the needs of much more. People doesn’t have to go out their home to looks for an item all over the city. owns many other online companies such as, Alexa internet, IMDb, Lovefilm, The book depositary, Woot, and many more. Even if someone doesn’t order anything off of amazon, you could be ordering items from his many other companies online.

There are many countries that operates from such as United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and China to name a few. Germany operates a little different when it comes to shipping. If an order is place and that person is having it ship international this can take a while for the company to process. Germany amazon site may or may not cost less to buy from there site. Other countries like Germany have extra taxes and shipping cost will be quite a bit, international shipping isn’t at all cheap. If someone do order off the site, it’s good to make large orders than small ones. This will help on shipping cost.

Bezo’s developing took time to find out how he was going to make his online retail store work. Developing his business he had to figure what the customer want or need. Because, he started as a online bookstore he had to have the resources...
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