Alternative Title to Mice and Men

Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: December 12, 2011
When George finds out that Lennie killed Curley's Wife and the puppy he goes and finds Lennie. When he finds Lennie he says “Why did you kill her.” “I didn't mean to George I only wanted to touch her hair.” “Stop always trying to talk yourself out of trouble you son of a bitch.” “George please I really didn't mean to.”

Then George gets our Carlson's Luger that he stole and shoots Lennie in the back of the head. After a couple months after Lennie's death George couldn't deal not having Lennie in his life so he went and got Carlson's Luger and went back into the brush where Lennie was killed. He brought the gun to his head and shot himself.

After a couple hour Slim noticed that George wasn't at the bunkhouse and he was asking everyone where George went and everyone said they didn't know where George went. So Slim went looking and then he remembered where Lennie was shot so he went to the brush and he found George laying right next to Lennie also shot in the head. He thought maybe somebody killed George so he went back to the ranch and asked everyone where were they yesterday and they all said that they were in the bunkhouse when George was shot except for Curley. So Slim asked Curley “Where were you the yesterday Curley?” “I was at my house then I went for a walk.”

“Did you go to the brush?”
“No why?”
“Because you weren't in the bunkhouse when George was killed.” “You think I killed that son of a bitch.”
“You said you went for a walk.”
“Yeah but I didn't got to the brush.”
“Okay then.”

So after talking with Curley he was thinking then he thought that George meant to kill himself so he can be with Lennie. So he told everyone that George shot himself in the head to be with Lennie and everyone said “Why would George do that we thought he was happy without Lennie.”

So Slim was thinking why George would do such a thing was it to be with Lennie or about the guilt he was feeling when he killed Lennie.

But after a couple months after...
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