Alternative Sources of Energy Summary

Topics: Fossil fuel, Nuclear power, Energy development Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: July 14, 2011
Alternative Energy Sources
Alternative energy is no longer a secret.  Most of the world’s energy needs are fulfilled by fossil fuels including gasoline and coal. It cannot be denied, however, that their supply is no longer in a stable state, their prices have gone up and they have been found to cause damage to the environment.  The negative effects of the use of fossil fuels are taking its toll on Mother Earth and mankind. Pollution mainly from the burning of fuels has long been pointed as a major cause of the earth’s deterioration and man’s health problems notably those related to respiratory illnesses. Additionally, world prices of fuel don’t show signs of going down to its original level forcing man to search for alternative sources of energy.  Alternative energy basically pertains to sources of energy other than those that involve the burning of fossil fuels or splitting of atoms. The earth has actually a huge supply of it which can be used free of charge and what’s great about this is that they’re environment friendly and renewable.  Today, there are a number of alternative energy forms that are clean to use and causes very little or no harmful effects to nature at all. These are solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, hydroelectric energy, tidal energy, nuclear energy and biofuel.  Solar energy 

Every year, the earth gets more than enough energy from the sun as much as 35,000 times the total energy needs of man. One-third of this solar energy is either absorbed by the outer atmosphere or reflected back into space. Today, this form of energy is used in furnaces for homes and for heating swimming pools. Its major applications are in power plants, space ships and in running cars.  Wind energy 

The power of the wind is never harmful to people and the environment. It is one of the oldest and cleanest forms of energy. While it is dependent on the weather and location, wind energy is very helpful in a lot of ways specifically in generating...
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