Alternative Ending for Macbeth

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Act 6 Scene 1

Mists and explosions. Enter three WITCHES
FIRST WITCHHere rests the body of the brave warrior King
Macbeth who stood up until his last breath.
SECOND WITCHOh my demon ! We shall fulfill our destiny and
avenge all mankind!
THIRD WITCHGet ready you creatures, tonight we face the day
that we have waited for centuries! Grab my
hands and let's
Three witches grab arms and walk around in circles.
ALL WITCHESEarth, bone and winding sheet ... Let this spirit
come to me! Earth, bone and winding sheet...
let this spirit come to me!
Ground crumbles apart and fissure breaks down the surface of his grave, Macbeth appears and is confused
MACBETHI smell EARTH! Is this true or just a fantasy?
ALL WITCHESHail king of the hereafter.
FIRST WITCHMy lord you have been brutally murdered by
the English army, without honor or respect.
Your head has been dispatched and left to rot.
MACBETHFoolish mankind, I will get my avenge these
living things.
Macbeth starts mumbling some lines continuing ...
MACBETHI Macbeth have summoned you back to life!
Hands crawling out of the graves, horrifying monsters surround Macbeth and kneel.
Witches disappear in a glimpse [Exit three WITCHES]
MACBETHGet ready for battle! Follow my lead!
Exit Macbeth and Zombies following him

Act 6 Scene 2
Malcolm's Fortress

Malcolm starts a speech to his citizens.
MALCOLMOur nation has been taken away and ruled over
by those who have murdered and killed with no
regard for what is right or wrong. But with the
help of the Scottish army we have retrieved our
kingdom and brought justice back! So we...
Interrupted by a peasant that...
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