Alternating Current RC and LRC Circuits

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Alternating Current RC and LRC Circuits
Lab 7

November 12, 1012
109989- 5:30 PM

Within this experiment we recorded that the theoretical capacitance of 0.470 is accurate with the capacitor from box C. The LRC circuit is proven to have a voltage accurate with the measured generator voltage because the largest percentage of error , 0.55 % error, is much lower than 5% error.

The idea of the alternating current RC and LRC circuits lab is to record the value of a capacitor in an RC circuit by using their phase relationship in the equation VT2 = VC2 +VR2 to determine a theoretical voltage VT. The theoretical voltage we recorded a highest percent error of 0.27%, which proves that the voltage across the capacitor VC is accurate. Using the capacitor voltage we recorded a capacitance C = (0.470 + 0.0005)μF with a 0.71% error from the given capacitance C = 0.437μF. Due to such a low percentage error we can predict the capacitance recorded to be accurate.

The second part of the experiment performed consisted of creating an LRC circuit and recording measurements of the voltages across a 218Ω or 331Ω resistor, and a 0.470 μF capacitor while varying the frequency between 802 Hz and 602 Hz. With the recorded voltages we can determine the voltages across the 79.5 mH inductor, and the inductors resistance of 205Ω. With all four recorded measurements we can find the experimental voltage of the LRC circuit with the equation V = ((VL – VC)2 + (VR + Vr)2)1/2. The recorded experimental voltages acquired a percent error of no larger than 0.55%, thus proving that the recorded values in the equation provided are accurate with the voltage of the generator measured.
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