Aldous Huxley Raspechatka

Topics: Literature, Mind, Psychology Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: June 3, 2015
Aldous Huxley
Hubert and Minnie

I. Paraphrase or explain:

1) p. 66 “The intenser feelings proved to be rather mild not by any means up to literary standards.” His strong feelings turned to be weak. But they were not as mild as in literary poems. 2) p. 67 “Hubert would seize with avidity on the least velleity of an unhappiness, a physical desire, a spiritual yearning, to work it up in his letters and journals into something substantially romantic.” He wanted to be overwhelmed with feelings of unhappiness, physical and spiritual desire in order to write about it in his letters. 3) p. 68 “And, of course, thought Minnie, the world wasn’t beautiful enough for his idealism.” He represents things as they might be rather than they are. He expects the world to be better rather than it is. 4) p. 70 “The conversation which followed, compounded as it was of philosophy and personal confidences, was exquisite. It really, Hubert felt, came up to literary standards.” He read her a poem at their next meeting, they had tense conversation concerned philosophy and personal confidences. The conversation sounded literary. 5) p.72 “When she came into a room, the light seemed to grow perceptibly dimmer, the electric tension slackened off.” It means that she is lifeless, “she brings no life with her”. “she was pathetic but pathetic in such a boring way”

p. 74 “In the impenetrable shade of the Wellingtonias Hubert and Ted Watchett played croquet and discussed the best methods of cultivating the Me.” 6) They were in Wellingtonias, out of reach, playing croquet and discussing the best ways to educate themselves. 7) p. 81 “…but all at once she was seized with a nameless agonizing doubt that grew and grew within her, as the silence prolonged itself, like some dreadful cancer of the spirit, until it had eaten away all her happiness, until there was nothing left in her mind but doubt and apprehension.” 8) She was overtaken by strange painful suspect(mistrust) that was growing...
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