Alcohol Reflection

Topics: Decision theory, Decision making software, Decision making Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: March 17, 2002
John McCauley

After doing some research on alcohol I have come to the realization that alcohol is a disease that affects millions of lives everyday. In the following essay I will discuss some things that I have learned and I will try to give a clear understanding on what steps I will need to take to make appropriate choices in the future.

I have learned that alcohol is not all fun and games. It affects many aspects in a person's life. I learned of the affects it has on my reaction time, my nervous system, obviously my thought process, and also my reproductive system. Alcohol kills in many ways if it becomes an abused substance. It plays a major role in more than half of all automobile accidents. Drinking and driving is dangerous not only to yourself but to others to. Plus it is not worth getting caught by the police driving under the influence.

Not only have I became more knowledgeable about the affects of drinking but I have learned that if I chose to drink not to take the risk of drinking on campus. West Chester has strict rules about this policy and I am now aware of such consequences of getting caught. But I had the worst of it being that I was holding the bag and that we got caught by the police. Now I have to deal with the West Chester bureau police as well, which will wind up many more things happening to me, including going to court and probably getting a hefty fine as well as my license taken away.

Some good advice I might have for someone who chooses to drink on campus is "don't". It is not worth getting caught by the school and possibly the police. If you do choose to drink do it on safe grounds such as somebody's house or apartment. But even then it is still possible to get caught by the guard beings that you may be too intoxicated. So the best advice I could give someone is to sleep over a friend's house off campus somewhere and stay out of trouble with the school because in the long run you may regret...
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