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Is Boeing 747-8 a better plane then Airbus A380

Wu Su Hong

In this essay , my topic will be Is airbus A380 a better plane than Boeing 747-8. In this time the worldwide fleet is split roughly 50/50 between Boeing models and Airbus models. As you all know , Boeing is a U.S. company and Airbus is a European company. Undeniably they are both different in their operating procedures and system architectures. If we are going into details about how different they are , then there will be a lot of boring pages to answer , so personally I am not going to wander there. Trust me , the typical readers won’t want me to go there too. Currently there’s 2 camps of people out there , with one loyally attached to Boeing and one more attached to Airbus. It is normal for people to support their own likings , it’s just as out of the dozen teams out there in the English Premier League , my favourite will always be Manchester united. It is just a case of whatever he or she is used to i believe. Recently I often asked people if their choice over aircraft manufacturers is based on “better” or “safer” , the answere I get ,once again a whole chapter of boring details , the short and acceptable answere will be a “no”. Both planes have their own “pro’s” and “con’s”.

Here, we are going to briefly talk about the history of the world’s biggest planes. The 747 was built for long distance flying and high capacity passenger plane. The plane was first introduced in the 1960s. People that time craved for continuous long distance travel but before 747 was introduced , no plane was simply large enough to cater for the needs and range. Well another fact is, there might never have been a 747 if not for the great aviator Juan Trippe. He is the owner of Pan AM , he supports the development of 747 , he simply told Boeing that 747 was a revolution waiting to happen. Boeing took the advice and nearly bankrupted themselves in the process of designing the plane. After 40 years, 747 is one of the best-selling aircrafts of all time. Now it carries tons of passengers across the globe at a affordable price. Till this day I still keep my aircraft models of the 747 which was gotten from my dad when I am in primary school. They are now positioned on my cars dashboard accompanying me on my every journey. A famous author once said , Standing on the main deck,” the author writes, “where ‘nave’ meets ‘transept,’ and looking up toward the pilots’ ‘chancel.’ … The machine was magnificent, beautiful, complex as an insoluble murmur of quadratic equations.” My point of view, it’s simply that beautiful.

On the other side of the globe, comes a different approach. “Air does not yield to style,” is a refrain attributed some years ago to an engineer at Airbus, the European consortium that is Boeing’s main competitor. Airbus was addressing that aircrafts nowadays all seems to look the same and it’s hard to distinguished one with another. Airbus also states that efficiency and economy should come before the outlook of the aircraft . Thus , a war between the 2 giants begin. Boeing and Airbus have been competing since the latter entry into the industries in 1970s. yet Airbus has given us only one true game changer , its long-range A340. True to their intentions that style are negligible, Airbus has produced a line of aircraft at once technologically advance but visually banal. Once I stood in an airport in Taiwan, I overheard some of the travellers comment about the Airbus A320. The words are in chinese so the translation goes somewhere like this , “looked at that plane it’s so small and ugly, I bet it will crash somewhere later because of its ugliness, and I don’t ever want to sit in that plane even it’s free”. This story shows that the American manufacturers came out as victors , trashing those boorish Europeans.

At Airbus, the pinnacle of aesthetic disregard was finally achieved upon...
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