Airborne Express 7

Topics: International trade, World Trade Organization, Free trade Pages: 47 (14492 words) Published: April 11, 2010
Kunnikar Ngandee
Chapter 1 : Globalization

Talk it Over

1. Today, international business people must think globally about production and sales opportunities. Many global managers will eventually find themselves living and working in cultures altogether different from their own. Many entrepreneurs will find themselves booking flights to places they had never heard of. What do you think companies can do now to prepare their managers for these new markets? What can entrepreneurs and small businesses with limited resources do?

Answer—I think what the companies should do is preparing their entrepreneurs to learn more about national culture which is a strong shaper of people’s values, attitudes, customs, beliefs, communication styles and business environment in those countries before they go because it is very hard to understand the different cultures. Moreover, the entrepreneurs and small businesses with limited resources should do a research in that those countries before doing businesses. As far as I know, there are certain real obstacles to exporting for small businesses and lack of investment capital. For example, some common myths create artificial obstacles. The companies should find the way to make it better in this point of view.

2. In the past, national governments greatly affected the pace of globalization through agreements to lower barriers to international trade and investment. Is the pace of change now outpacing the capability of governments to manage the global economy? Will national governments become more or less important to international business in the future? Explain your answer.

Answer--- In my opinion, I think the national government strongly affect to international trade and investment and I think it cannot be changed. In the future, I think national governments would become more and more powerful to international business, and very helpful for international trade like importing and exporting. Because of the globalization of markets and production are the two forces which driving globalization ( lower trade and investment barriers and increased technological innovation) are taking companies into previously isolated markets and increasing competitive pressures worldwide.

3. Information technologies are developing at a faster rate than ever before. How have these technologies affected globalization? Give specific examples. Do you think globalization will continue until we all live in one “global village”? Why or why not?

Answer---For example, eBay is a very good example for information technologies not only eBay is well-known for E-commerce ; but also, eBay is a web-based forum . People use internet around the world , so eBay provides an efficient distribution system because information inefficiency. Nowadays , eBay could transform the international business market place in ways that created legions of exporters and importers, helped impoverished nation, balanced the world’s supply and demand, and significantly improve the efficiency of the global market that no one did and I think we will never live in one global village because many things are very differences. We cannot live in one culture , same attitude , same life style and the same believing.

4. Consider the following statement : “ Globalization and the resulting increase in competition harm people, as international companies play one government against another to get the best deal possible. Meanwhile, governments continually ask for greater concessions from their citizens, demanding that they work harder and longer for less pay. “ Do you agree? Why or why not?

Answer---I agree with this statement because it is true. Globalization and the resulting increase in competition harm people every day, as international companies play one government against another to get the best deal possible. Anyway, globalization creates jobs and boosts wages which improving standards of living and making...
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