Aileen Wuornos Biography

Topics: Family, Aileen Wuornos, Sexual intercourse, Capital punishment, Rape, Marriage / Pages: 2 (303 words) / Published: Dec 18th, 2012
Serial Killer Report: Aileen Wuornos

Aileen Wuornos was born February 29, 1956. Her grandmother and father raised her. Aileen’s father was a diagnosed psychopath and child molester. He hanged himself in prison. In 1960 her mother abandoned her family. At the young age of eleven, Aileen began trading sexual favors for beer, candy, and other things. At this point in time, Aileen began commonly participating in sexual favors for different reasons. She participated in sexual activities with her brother Keith, and also claimed to have been raped by her grandfather. She had some friends as a child but one “lifelong friend”, Dawn Botkins. Aileen’s childhood behavior did show some red flags. Particularly that she traded sexual favors for things and participated in many sexual things with family members. At the age of fourteen Aileen was pregnant and says the father was her brother, Keith. On March 23, 1971 she had her child and was immediately put up for adoption. She did not complete highschool. As an adult she was a prostitute and moved to Florida to continue this. In Florida, she married an elderly man named Lewis Fell. Lewis annulled the marriage because Aileen would beat him for money. She was not diagnosed. Aileen killed seven people. All middle aged men in Florida. All of these men were killed with a hand held gun. She was caught at The Last Resort bar and cops used an outstanding warrant to haul her in. Her behavior was “normal” if you can even say that. Aileen withstood trial and received the death penalty. She turned down her last meal and took a cup of coffee instead. Aileen was a Mission-Oriented serial killer. She stated that she was simply helping others and ridding of men that would rape, beat, and kill other women like

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