Aids-Not Just Someone Else's Problem Anymore

Topics: HIV, AIDS, Sexual intercourse Pages: 4 (1434 words) Published: February 19, 2007
AIDS is a rapidly growing, and almost uncontrollable, problem in society today. AIDS starts out as a virus, HIV, and then turns into AIDS when one's body can not fight the virus anymore. What started out as a small scare in the 1980's has grown into a full blown epidemic that any sexually active person has the right to be scared of. AIDS did not seem like a very big issue at first, but it is now visible in our rear view mirror, and it does not look like there is much people can do to make it go away. Although the problem is of national proportions, there are things that can be done locally to educate the people in our community, because AIDS is a problem that affects people everywhere. Informational sources like pamphlets and websites are always helpful, and they can be even more helpful if new ways are found to implement them, or put them into effect. Donations are also very helpful for raising awareness about a certain situation, but many people may feel that their donations either go unnoticed, or that they are pointless. Raising local awareness of AIDS is not that hard of a problem, but to get more people interested, there has to be more efficient and interesting ways of getting the message around.

Some people refuse to believe, or do not realize, that AIDS is a big issue today because it does not effect them. However, the truth is that AIDS can affect anybody. There are one million people currently living in the United States with AIDS, and there is thought to be as many as 40,000 new infections each year (Vital). It does not matter how old a person is, anyone is susceptible to catching the HIV virus. Any one person could be sexually active for years and never catch it, and someone else could be abstinent for a very long time and contract HIV from only one sexual encounter. The HIV/AIDS problem is growing rapidly in our state and local area because Katrina has displaced many people from New Orleans who are sexually active, and they continue...

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