Agriculture vs Industrialization

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The Neolithic Agricultural Revolution set the basis for more rapid change in human societies. Triggered by population increase and a decrease in big game animals, people were becoming more dependent on man power to being in regular harvests of wild grains, berries, and nuts. In contrast, the Industrial Revolution was based upon mass production, the use of steam power, and the factory system. Both helped bring prosperity, and advances in technology to the world.

The Neolithic Agricultural Revolution was the development of agriculture triggered by a population increase, and a decrease in big game animals. By 900 BCE, people were becoming solely independent on regular harvests of wild grains, berries, and nuts. Animals such as pigs, sheep, goats, and cattle were domesticated for additional food and raw goods. However, not everyone was eager to adapt to farming. Hunter- gatherers resisted, keeping to the old habits of hunting for met, and gathering for plants.

The Industrial Revolution was centered on the mass production of food and goods. Three important factors helped spur advances during this period. The invention of machines to take the place of jobs originally done by hand helped greatly in production. The use of steam and other kinds of power source in place of just muscle power of humans helped increase production efficiency. The adoption of the Factory System not only helped increase production rates, but it opened up job opportunities, for men and women.

There are many similarities and differences between the Neolithic Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. The main difference is the amount of time it took for each to occur. The Neolithic Revolution took thousands of years for people perfect the idea of farming and harvesting while the Industrial Revolution took merely one hundred and fifty years. Another difference is the cause of advancement during these time periods. People started shifting to farming during the Neolithic Revolution because of...
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