Age of Imperialism Effects

Topics: British Empire, Colonialism, Portugal Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: March 21, 2007
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Change Over Time Essay

The age of imperialism 1850-1914 caused from needs of the Industrial Revolution, and the selfish motivations of rulers of powerful nations led to the change of culture values, class systems, government systems and modernization in overseas colonies. The "white race" or the Europeans felt superior to others, they felt as if they needed to "civilize" men of other countries, they needed to conquer them, convert them to Christianity and modernize their country. This task was known as the "White man's burden". The real idea for "civilizing" non-European countries was dominating their political and economic life, gaining access to natural resources, increasing European markets, and satisfying the needs of the Industrial Revolution. Europeans applied the ideas of Social Darwinism, "survival of the fittest" as their roots of imperializing other countries.

Imperialism of India by the British began in the 18th century. The raw material imported from India was benefiting the British economy, while the India suffered. In addition the British tax laws caused a major crisis and killed one third of the total Indian population, mostly peasants because they were not able to pay taxes therefore stripped from land and unable to produce food. Although imperialism of India in the 19th century was alike to the imperialism in the 18th century in that the British were guided by selfish desires, it slightly differed. The British now became interested in more than one factor, which was cotton. More resources were being looked at, the British were in need of iron for railroads, and their new advanced machinery. The people living in exploited India were suffering, while the British enjoying a luxurious life. The imperialism of India also had some positive aspects. British somewhat modernized India. They built railroads, established a postal system and a telegraph system. Infrastructure took place. Some social changes were...
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