Age Of Faith In The Middle Ages

Topics: Middle Ages, Dark Ages, Renaissance Pages: 5 (1142 words) Published: March 8, 2017

The Middle Ages was the medieval era between 500-1400 AD. Many literary, artistic, and architectural advances occurred. Many labels could be used to describe the era; for example the Dark Ages, Age of Faith, and Golden Age are common. The Dark Ages suggests that there is ignorance and barbarism. The Age of Faith suggests people are faithful and loyal to God and any churches. Staying devoted to God helped people have hope that better times were ahead after suffering through the Dark Ages. A Golden Age is a time of peace and prosperity. During a Golden Age, lots can be accomplished and the society will thrive. Although the Dark Ages and Age of Faith reflect the era between 500-1400 AD in Europe, the Golden Age is the label that best describes...

What once was a ‘dark’ age, “Even at its worst it performed the function of guarding, frequently by accident and chance, the knowledge and treasures of what had come before, but even more it was creative and inventive, and transmitted to later ages great riches of its own” (Document 6). At the end, throughout the Dark Age, it was not a lost cause. People fought for better times ahead which resulted in treasures. Since people did not give up aspiration, the Golden Age came sooner. So even at its worst, it was still succeeding thanks to the defense and knowledge in the society. The Middle Ages were imperfect, however, “Measure… by the memories and the achievements that it has bequeathed to the modern world… It flourished in the midst of rude surroundings, fierce passions, and material ambitions” (Document 7). The positive aspects should be measured by remembrance and accomplishments. Even though the times were flawed, it still flourished and prospered. The Golden Age was obtained and will be remembered. With a Golden Age, the church was built in a time of peace and prosperity (Document 10). When things are calm, people are less stressed and can achieve more tasks. Building the church was a task achieved. With the Church built, it helped spread Christianity. In this sense, the Age of Faith and Golden Age overlapped. Setting up a successful church and faithful people, the Golden Age was tranquil. From the Dark Ages to the Age of Faith to the great Golden Age, the era between 500-1400 AD became quite peaceful. All the hardships led up to peace and...
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