After School Parenting Will Help Our Community

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Adolescence Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Krishna Divyeshwar
Dr. Barron
English 1301 sec SO4
16 October 2012
After School Parenting Will Help Our Community
Minds that are not feed with positive proper activities; leads to negative action. A positive activity influences children’s life providing them correct and adequate environment. Unsupervised children often end up in bad company, which makes them engage into dangerous illegal activities such as vandalism, drug consumption and bullying peers. What exactly is vandalism? Vandalism is action involving destruction of public and private property. How many of us have wanted to use vending machines, only to find out that the machines are out of order. The damage things include schools, park, street signs and benches and other amenities that are only for public use. Many people easily point out fingers on teenager when the question rose on who are vandals? There are many reasons why some people carry out vandalism. Some teenager takes out their frustration and they are against some rule. Other youngsters just do it for fun without being aware of inconvenience caused to other people. Teen age year is very critical and challenge age. This stage is about knows oneself compared to losing oneself. Accepted and belonging in a group is very important as well as cool. One of the main common reasons of teenage drug use is sharing positive and negative thoughts particularly social impact among friends, school and the community. At this age depending on the environment and the nurture a teenager gets, they will have the opportunity to make choices. These choices will lead them to take correct or incorrect decisions. Every child undergoes so many different situations before being an adult. Teasing, fighting and calling names are just a part of growing until the behavior escalates to harassment. Like Physical harassment, abusing internationally or verbally and trying to threating a weak child. If it repeats over again and again it calls bullying. A bully always...
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