african slave trade

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African Slave Trade
Slaves were always a major trade during the sixteen hundreds to the eighteen hundreds due to the face t that they were beneficial to the growth of sugar cane plantations and mining all around the world except for in the Americas. Angola had not only their African influences, but there were also some Portuguese influences to them too. Portuguese, in Angola during the sixteen hundreds to the eighteen hundreds, imperial societies of slavery and slave trading was unlike one we are used to reading about the America slave trades. The imperial societies of slavery each had their own unique quality to them and each one was different from the other. But all together they were able to make it a profitable and beneficial trading system for each other.

Although the Portuguese had taken over some cities in Angola there was still some rights given to the people for the people. A major city in Angola called Luanda was a good example of this being shown (56). The Portugal merchants had come from Brazil to trade, but instead decided to start a new trading post for themselves. In Brazil, they were able to just completely take over the territory. Meaning the Portuguese merchants not only set-up a trading post, but also cultivated their land. They were able to turn their land into great sugar cane plantations and use their people and African people as slaves to run the plantations (15). In Brazil, there was more of a European aspect to the way things were run because Portuguese completely took over. However in Angola, especially in Luanda, there was a primary African Character to it. Portuguese were in other words just there to help.

All though it may be obvious there is a difference between European and African trading and how everything is run. The way the slaves are treated, what they are or are not allowed to do, and how much actual influence they have in anything are all factors that make the difference on what makes it more of a European or African...
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