African Culture San

Topics: Family, Marriage, Anthropology Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: February 26, 2013
African Culture San
Jeremy Frye
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Prof. Kathryn Sorensen
January 14 2013

This is a short essay on the African Culture San. I will be describing their style of living and the kinship system of San. I will identify examples of how the kinship system impacts the way this culture behaves thinks, acts, and lives. I will also be explaining how the kinship system impacts these same behaviors in my own life. The San culture is a tribe in Africa. Their basically a culture strong in family and relatives. These people help each other survive by making sure there is plenty of hunting for food and a safe place for their wives to raise their children. There also must be plenty of water in their area for them to drink and stay clean. The men make their own tools for hunting and surviving. These people are known for their hard work. San culture enjoy each other's company and are very sociable and rely very much on each other. When they come together to eat they like to pass everything around and share their food. All of the families contribute food to the meal time. The San culture enjoys working very hard for only a few days out of the week so that they can spend quality time with their family. This is how we all should be I think so that families can be closer together. These people try to stay close to their family as in their relatives so they can help each other out when they need help like for surviving. When it comes time for the men to marry they marry very young immature women. There women are very important to them and their community because they help them prepare the food at meal time and of course help them raise their children and protect them. Also these women are so important to them that they will help them with their needs for a long time until that women decides to marry that man. Because of this the San man remains very patient with her. When a San man picks his bride he is...

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